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Archive for August, 2010

JD was one tough girl

The cancer did not get her. However, she is gone. My beloved JD was getting her spirit and spunkiness back, as I had been sharing here. In fact, Saturday night I was telling my brother that she was doing so great that I was having a hard time thinking about the cancer. I figured out […]

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Just had to share…

JD has been a thief all her life. She delights in stealing anything that is not nailed down, and as a pup one of her first’tricks’ was to go into the bathroom and pull on the hanging portion of toilet paper and run through the house. Well of course I buy the Charmin so the […]

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Still hopping along

Hello Everyone, This is a picture of me in the not too distant past. Yes my left leg is in the photo, but I don’t miss it much anymore! I am waiting for Mom to get in the car and take me for a ride, THAT has not changed! I just wanted to update everyone […]

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Ordered the mushrooms – new product-cheaper

I was making my order for JD’s mushroom supplements and the operator told me of an offer that is not yet on their web page. They have combined the K-9 Immunity with the K-9 transfer factor and the fish oil all into one ‘tasty’ tablet. I would have to be giving my girl many tabs […]

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Thanks for the support and good wishes

Thanks to all of you for your good wishes and positive thoughts for JD . She is gaining a bit more energy each day. In fact yesterday she forgot she only has the three legs to work with, and took off after a cat walking across ‘her’ back fence. Well the three legs took her […]

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Chemo went great!

JD, is three weeks post amputation and had her first chemo treatment (Carboplatin) on Friday. I was told she was a good girl and they even gave her a treat afterward for good behavior. Her stictches came out at the same time so she no longer needs the t-shirts. Although I must say the t-shirts […]

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JD is one tough girl

Two weeks ago , and at this very moment, my sister and I were trying to get a newly amputated, 90 + pound, black lab-dalmation-Rotty mix out of the back of the station wagon and into the house. But let me go back. About three weeks ago I noticed a slight limp as JD went […]

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