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Dateline Puyallup – Barney visits locals

Barney arrived in Puyallup Washington quiet unexpectedly, having just visited Lincoln, who lives about an hour north of here. Unfortunately, he was a couple of months too late to meet my sweet JD and let her have a crack at de-fluffing him. I would bet that JD would have been the one to make Barney […]

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Awkward Christmas Photos

Wow JD, you really have passed on your dislike of posing for photos to your two new sisters! You always seemed to have a ‘Oh not another picture’ look on your face, and Serena and Maya are no different. It seems I must practice the headlock on Maya! Thank you Serena for living up to […]

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Two new girls!!!

With JD’s permission I am posting a few pictures of my two new girls. Both are quad-paws, but that’s OK, they are still good girls! This is seven year old Serena- she is one of the most mellow dogs I have ever met. And here is one year old Maya Maya has a pink star […]

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Not just another Sunday

Dear Sweet JD, Well this has been not just another Sunday. If you are around me now then you can see that two girls have joined the household. They were in a Rescue and needed forever homes and you know how much my heart needed to heal from losing you. It has been three long […]

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Missing you

Oh my sweet girl. Iam missing you so much right now. The calendar page is about to change and the weeks march on since you had to leave me, I am actually able to sometimes think of you without crying. Not tonight however. If your spirit is here with me, you know all this. Keep […]

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It doesn’t get easier it gets different

Each day moves me farther from the day this huge hole in my heart was created. The day JD’s physical form was not here for me anymore. The day I had to accept the fact that I had to go on without my friend here next to me. Each new day as I wake up […]

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One week today

One week today, I last stroked your sweet soft belly spots, whispered in your ear and set you free. So many people are helping me to be strong, wow you sure were loved!!!! You are now my Spirit Angel. Help me to transform my sadness into the great memories of our years together. I want […]

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JD was one tough girl

The cancer did not get her. However, she is gone. My beloved JD was getting her spirit and spunkiness back, as I had been sharing here. In fact, Saturday night I was telling my brother that she was doing so great that I was having a hard time thinking about the cancer. I figured out […]

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Just had to share…

JD has been a thief all her life. She delights in stealing anything that is not nailed down, and as a pup one of her first’tricks’ was to go into the bathroom and pull on the hanging portion of toilet paper and run through the house. Well of course I buy the Charmin so the […]

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Still hopping along

Hello Everyone, This is a picture of me in the not too distant past. Yes my left leg is in the photo, but I don’t miss it much anymore! I am waiting for Mom to get in the car and take me for a ride, THAT has not changed! I just wanted to update everyone […]

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